Thursday, July 3, 2008


A DRAFT bill seeking to expand the scope of the law regulating property sales to foreigners was today (THURS) endorsed by Parliament.

The bill, which was discussed in Parliament last week, has been taken back to the Justice Commission at the last minute.

Amendments for opening up properties in prohibited military zones and strategic regions (lands) to foreigners through permission from governor's offices were sent to the Justice Commission for ratification.

This was passed, and sent back to Parliament which duly gave the title deeds lawchanges the nod. They now await being rubber-stamped by President Abdullah Gul.

During previous meetings in Parliament, the ruling Justice and Development Party, or AKP, was forced to withdraw the regulation expanding the scope of property sales due to opposition pressure.

The regulation, which was taken back to the Committee at the last minute, enables private business enterprises in Turkey launched or contributed to by foreign investors to exercise the rights for immovable and limited property for conducting their operations enumerated in main contracts.

The same principal will be valid in case immovable properties are transferred to another company with foreign investment or in case an immovable owned company with national capital becomes foreign owned through share transfer.

Acquisitions of companies in strategic properties under Article No 28 of the Law on Prohibited Military Zones and Security Zones and in military zones, security zones and some strategic lands enumerated in the same law, will be subject to the permission of governor under whose jurisdiction the related property falls.

The demand for permission will be decided after an evaluation of the acquisition's conformity with the country's security and operation field, in the commission established with the participation of related representatives within the governor's office.

The draft bill handled by Parliament for property sales to foreigners, maintains foreign persons and institutions can possess immovable lands, 10 percent of the total land, within the frameworks of zoning implementation plan and piecemeal plan, while the regulation expands the scope of possessing properties.

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