Thursday, July 3, 2008


A Turkish bank has introduced a new product in housing credits, "Mortgage with Low Installments," to the market, reported daily Milliyet yesterday.

In Finansbank's new mortgage program, installments start at YTL 500, according to authorities at the bank. The installments are determined on the basis of triple combinations, such as, YTL 500, YTL 750 and YTL 1,000, and increase on a two-tiered basis, such as YTL 500 for the first two years, YTL 750 for the second two years and YTL 1,000 for the remaining period.

Consumers are provided with the opportunity to choose the appropriate amount of credits and the payment plan that best fits their incomes. "Finansbank's new product encompasses an installment plan that has not been implemented until now and, therefore, this new product is the first of its kind in housing credits," said Erkin Aydın, Finansbank Mortgage and Personal Loans group manager.

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